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Character Name: Alfred F. Jones

Place Represented: United States of America also known as the Union/the North. Answers to America.

When Founded/Age: July 4th, 1776. He uses that as his birthday but he's actually older than that. Just how old is uncertain.

Physical Appearance: America stands tall at 5 feet 10 inches. He has sky blue eyes, and blond hair that, depending on the lighting and angle, can look as bright as gold or as dull as wheat. He is constantly smiling, showing off his perfectly white and straight teeth. He has well developed musculature except for his stomach. While there is definition around his abs, there is still some pudge he can't seem to lose. It is the bane of his existence. He has broad shoulders, and a broad back. His ass is rather rotund, due to his intake of unhealthy foods. This is also the bane of his existence. He is in general a very attractive, young man who you want to cuddle because of his few round edges. He has exceptional super human strength, something he sometimes forgets about.

Personality: America is a fun loving young nation. He likes to make jokes, laugh, and smile. If something is fun, or sounds like fun, he wants to be doing it. He enjoys going to and throwing parties. He loves to make new friends, and visit his old friends. He is an avid learner, researching and studying different subjects as he discovers them. He is particularly fond of history, archeology and random facts. His favorite past times include eating, cooking, baking, playing video games, playing sports, watching TV, listening to music, traveling, going on adventures, and saving the world. Yes, America considers himself to be the world's sole hero. Or the best of all the heroes. He has a hero complex, to the point that he always refers to himself as awesome and heroic. He will often use this as a way to defend anything he has said or done. It is an annoying trait.

Since he considers himself to be the Superman of all nations, he often is out trying to defend justice and defeat evil. This sometimes gets him into trouble because America often misinterprets information. He isn't really stupid. He's actually quite intelligent. But he has found that it is easier to get his way and get along with others if he plays the lovable fool. But sometimes he just can't read the mood of the room. While America is generally a fun, nice guy, he can be quite serious. He does dislike some people, and will get into arguments and outright fist fights with them if provoked. He can be quite scary because he is a powerful nation, and if angered past reasoning, he will not hold back. In short, he seems like a happy, dumb simpleton, but he has a mysterious side. Also, he has a tendency to cross dress, and an extreme fear of anything scary. For a grown man, he can often be very childish. He also loves to cuddle and he loves animals. He is very loyal to all his friends. He loves all his states, cities, and territories to the best of his ability.

To sum him up: he is a very loud, often obnoxious but endearing young man who doesn't always act his age but still manages to make the world a better place with just positive attitude alone.

History: America was raised by the native people inhabiting the North American continent. He wandered with them all over the countryside. He was a very curious child so the day Sweden and Finland, and then the Netherlands landed on the East Coast, he was present. He watched them from the bushes, wanting to know who they were. He summoned up the courage to greet them the next time and that was when he first met England, Spain, and France. Spain went westward, and France went northward. America came to live with England, in a house England had built for him.

While under England's care America learned about the world beyond his shores. He soaked it all up and grew at an alarming rate. He went from infantile to a young boy in a span of years. He started to mimic how England acted. While he was young, he met some of his future states, though they didn't always stay with him. He also met his brother, Canada. He had met him only a few times before, but he couldn't tell who it was, looking back at him from so far away. But as he grew, England had to return to his home across the sea. America had grown used to his company and was besides himself when England would leave for long periods of time. He tried to stick to his studies, but without a good tutor, he strayed and started to adapt his lessons to the practical day-to-day life of his colonists.

He grew rapidly and by the time England returned, he was a teenager. He had learned more about the people on his lands, and had spent a lot of time listening to their worries and concerns. He was of course glad to see England again but he had grown used to deciding his own schedule, doing what he wanted to do when he wanted to do it that he balked at England's mothering. Eventually it became too much and America decided he was going to leave England's care. It became a long, and tiring struggle known as the American revolution. By the end of it, America had emerged as a nation in his own right, free of any parental control.

But it wasn't easy. Compared to the other nations of the world, he was very young. He was also inexperienced. He had all the motivation but none of the proper tools, and as such, he learned the hard way how to do right by his people and by the rules of the world. His native citizens and the ones who had been brought over as slaves suffered the most for his misjudgments. He often got himself into fights with other nations, such as Spain and Mexico, and even Canada and England again. He said and did things he shouldn't have done.

His worst mistake was to fight with his brother, Aaron. Aaron wasn't quite as old as he but he represented his Southern states. They didn't always get along or agree, but they managed to work together. But it didn't last and the two took each other on in the American Civil War. America emerged as the victor, but it took a toll on him, his brother, and his people.

Despite the War, America continued to grow in strength and power as a nation. He kept up with the other countries across the Atlantic, and tried hard to be as grown up as them, despite his age. He made friends with as many nations as he could, and when they were all drawn into the first World War, he came to their aid as best as he could. He emerged from the Great War as one of the most powerful nations in the world. But it also troubled him. He didn't know what to do afterwards.

His worries turned into a sudden severe illness as his economy went under, resulting in the Great Depression. His brothers, states, and friends tried to comfort him as best they could but everyone around the world was suffering. It took a long time for America to recover, and he was so affected by it that he was certain he would never get involved in a war again. He watched as his friends were once again embroiled in a World War, trying to remain neutral and uninvolved. However he could not sit idle, and started to help little by little. When Japan attacked him, he decided to take action and fully entered the war. He fought hard and long alongside his friends, helping them win in Europe. It took longer to defeat Japan, and he had to take measures he continues to regret to this day.

Wars seem to be attracted to America. No sooner had World War 2 ended did he find himself in a psychological war with Russia, now renamed the Soviet Union as he took over and took control of nations around him. It scared America, and it soon became a battle of who was the bigger, stronger nation. While this went on, America fought wars to help his friend Korea, and Vietnam. Neither one ended in the desired outcome. But America declared himself a hero, a savior of justice, and tried harder to police the world.

The Cold War came to an end when the Soviet Union collapsed. America wasn't sure what to do after it ended. He no longer had any public enemies or villains to fight against. Perhaps he could finally stop saving the world and work on all the work he had piled up on his desk. But little conflicts between other nations continued to pull his attention away from the big folders of important business. He tried to mediate, or help his friends the best he could. He worked on rebuilding old friendships and making new ones. It was a sort of peace but not quite.

It wasn't too last. In the beginnings of the 21st century, America suffered a crippling injury. He was unprepared and as a result, is still recovering from the wound. He was told to blame the terrorists, and he began another war. The War on Terror is a current war, one with no end in sight. It has caused him to fight those he believes to support terrorists, to meddle in the affairs of the Middle East, to lose good standing and good faith with his friends and partners. It has drained him. He is ill, tired and worn from fatigue. A Superman who is being worn down by a sliver of kryptonite.

Despite all the hardships he has faced, he remains optimistic. He will never give up his ideals, the ones he fought for and believed in back when he was still a child. He knows the future will be difficult, and he will probably always have some enemy to defeat. But that's the life of a hero. And one day he will be a legend, the subject of songs and stories. He already is.

Played By: Himself. He is a canon character so it is easy to use official images and fan art for his PB.
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