Jun. 23rd, 2010

usaisnumberwon: (I AM ONE BAMF)
Yes, I have dropped from UAPHDR. I will unjoin the communities once I get the a-okay from the mods that I have been removed. I expect the amount of people who have friended me to drop and that does not bother me,

However, I am keeping people I particularly enjoyed RPing with on my friends list. If you wish for me to remove you, just say so and I will. If you wish for me to add you, I just might! But speak up or it will go unnoticed!

Also, if you think I should save a particular thread where America/Virginia/Okinawa were just AWESOME, give me the link and I will. I like to look back on old logs/threads like everyone else!

If you still want to RP with me, that is totally fine! We can RP here in the journals or on IMs or through email!

My info:

AIM: AnimeJess
MSN: jess_holy@hotmail.com
Gmail: jessholy@gmail.com

Feel free to message me too!

And yes, I am in search of a new game, particularly for America. He is an attentionwhore after all! So if you know of a place, let me know!

And yes, I am STILL an active RPer!


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