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Of course I believe in UFOs! One of my best friends is an alien! His name is Tony by the way. He has mad computer skills, and loves to play video games. He kind of sucks at Street Fighter but he's super good with first person shooters and Super Smash Brothers. I met him oh...back in 1947. He's originally from Mars but since he crashed his ship pretty bad, he can't get back home. But he likes it here anyways.

So yeah, I definitely believe in UFOs and aliens!
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*America had yet to decorate his Christmas tree. Sure, he had gotten the usual lawn ornaments out and put the lights up on the roof, but he had yet to do anything with the very large fir tree in his living room.

He had brought the boxes of ornaments and lights from the attic, stacking them near the tree. He wiped the dust off the tops of the boxes, reopening them to peer inside at their contents.

His door bell rang and he went to answer it. He was saving the tree decorating specifically for them.*

[Locked to America and the UN (plus League of Nations Leah)]
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[In response to this thread: ]

*He let go of Ivan's collar, and grabbed Ivan's hand, pulling them off and then away from himself.*

Let's go.

*He turned and lead the way outside, rolling up his shirt sleeves. He was going to kick Russia's ass.*


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