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Of course I am eager. You're the one who worked me up into such a state to begin with. You should be a bit more excited yourself!

*He pulls him into the room after him, stopping to shut the door behind Matthew.*
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*Alfred had climbed up one of the tallest hills in HQ and set up a picnic blanket. He laid out several more blankets, for when it got colder - and it would, it is winter after all - and a basket full of goodies. In case the food and drink Matthew might bring ran out. Better to have more than not enough! He waited for his boyfriend to show up.*

He's going to love watching this lunar eclipse!
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*Alfred walked into the dining room that Aaron had told him to meet him at. His brother was finally better, or at least well enough to cook him the dinner he had promised him. And Alfred had brought his hunger.*

[ooc: for [ profile] ingreatdeeds and Aaron.]
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So I am back from all my vacations and what not aaaannnddd and I have no idea where to begin with aphdr. Do I just jump in and comment on any post I fancy? Or should I introduce myself? Any advice would be welcomed! m(__)m


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