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Actually, when Tony landed in Roswell, I kind of just showed up. I was just too excited that I forgot about stuff like cake or McDonald's...but you know he had kind of crash landed so I am sure me helping him out of that wreckage was all he wanted!

He still lives with me you know! He's a great guy! He's most awesome roomie ever!
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Rabbit: He's out in the wild!

Whale: He's in the ocean!

England:...He's across the ocean. HOW'S THE SNOW IGGY?! HAHAHAHAHA.

Canada: He's above me! Well, not literally...well ok literally...but like he's in his house, and I'm in mine. my reality, which sounds weird, but he's gone in my reality. But we were real close, as close as brothers can be. Until the War.
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Hamburgers weren't around when I was small and wee and really considered to be a CHILD.

A lot of other stuff was around though! Like...corn, and...turkey...and squash...

I used to really love England's cooking but then I got wise. But, if there is one English thing I love still, it's English muffins!

And something I love, and tastes as good as I remember it, is Matthew's pancakes. That stuff is better than CRACK.
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Of course I believe in UFOs! One of my best friends is an alien! His name is Tony by the way. He has mad computer skills, and loves to play video games. He kind of sucks at Street Fighter but he's super good with first person shooters and Super Smash Brothers. I met him oh...back in 1947. He's originally from Mars but since he crashed his ship pretty bad, he can't get back home. But he likes it here anyways.

So yeah, I definitely believe in UFOs and aliens!


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